Corporeal Epistemics

Lead Author:

Simon Ellis



13 March 2020

Unit of Assessment

33: Music, Drama, Dance, Performing Arts, Film and Screen Studies

Output Category:

Q - Digital or visual media

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Corporeal Epistemics (desktop documentary)

Summary Statement (300 words)

Corporeal Epistemics is a research essay presented as a practice-research desktop documentary. The work reflects on Ellis’s movement collaboration with Shaun McLeod (Australia) to examine the nature and limits of embodiment, the role the radically analogue body has in resisting the datafication of human experience, and the limited resolution of common archival practices in dance and performance.

The essay-presentation draws on the research work of Sheets-Johnstone, Zuboff, Mignolo, de Sousa Santos and Odell.

The transcript of the desktop documentary is available as a PDF: corporeal_epistemics.pdf.